Spotify Is Not Streaming on Apple WatchOS 9

Several optimizations and new features have been added to Apple WatchOS 9. Unfortunately, this series of Apple watches contains some bugs that significantly degrade the user experience. Spotify integration with Apple WatchOS 9 is one of the main reasons. It has been reported that Spotify is not streaming properly in Apple WatchOS 9. Now let’s discuss this issue in more detail.

Apple WatchOS 9 Bug and The Reason Behind This Issue


Apple WatchOS 9 does not support Spotify streaming. The Spotify team receives emails from users reporting that Spotify stops playing music after the first play. It is affecting users on both cellular and Wi-Fi connections. However, Streaming offline music through Spotify has not resulted in this issue.

Apple is working on this bug and, for now, suggests not upgrading to Apple WatchOS 9 until it is resolved. The company also suggests downloading the songs directly from Spotify and listening offline until the problem is fixed.


In addition, if you aren’t interested in that, you can log into Spotify from your phone and start streaming. 

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WatchOS is working on fixing this bug. I hope this issue can be resolved soon. Wait until the major bugs of the OS 9 series are resolved before upgrading to Apple WatchOS 9. However, if you’ve already upgraded to OS 9, you can listen to Spotify music on your smartphone.