Timestamp Sharing – Latest Feature To Share Podcast and Music

Thank you for visiting spotifymod. The purpose of this detailed article is to review the latest feature on Spotify, which is TimeStamp Sharing. As we all know, Spotify has added many features in the last few months that are quite useful, and Timestamp is one of them. Through this feature, Spotify users can now share any part of a song or podcast with family and friends on social media like Instagram, Facebook etc.

The new update makes it easier to Share Specific Portions of Podcasts with your loved ones. Before the update, you had to share the full podcast link, but now it’s possible to share just the part you want.

How To Share Podcast Using Timestamp Sharing Option

Here’s a quick explanation of how to share a specific timestamp from Spotify. Once you have followed these steps, you should be able to share timestamps successfully. 

  • Open Spotify on your device.
  • Select the podcast from which you want to share the timestamp.
  • Using a slider, scroll the timestamp, then click on the share button at the bottom right. 
  • Once you’ve done this, the share menu will appear. The timestamp option should be toggled on for sharing.
  • Next, you have the option to share it by copying the URL.
  • Send this link to your friends.

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Send this link to your friends.

You can share specific timestamps of podcasts from Spotify using this method. The timestamped link does not start at the beginning. However, I will begin with the part you enjoy the most.