Spotify And GIPHY Partnership – New Way of Enjoyment

Thank you for visiting our new quick guide. Spotify announced its new partnership with GIPHY today, bringing happy news to all Spotify users. In his tweet, GIPHY also confirms this collaboration.

Undoubtedly, this collaboration marks the beginning of a new era in music. GIFs are now an easy way for users to find new music. This partnership is primarily intended to connect users with Spotify. A number of special guests, including Weeknd, Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, and Post Malone, share their Spotify-linked GIFs on their GIPHY official pages during the launch ceremony.


This feature is now available on Spotify’s mobile apps and official website for worldwide users. The following steps will guide you:

  • Visit the official website of GIPHY or open the GIPHY app
  • Open your favorite GIF on artists’ official GIPHY channels.
  • Click “Listen on Spotify” to participate in any GIF.
  • Once you have grabbed the artist’s profile, you can easily listen to your favorite music.

In the past, Spotify had also collaborated with TikTok and Microsoft. Spotify wants to promote itself through social media. With this partnership, users can now share music as GIFs. Now, these GIFs are being used as music. Through social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, Spotify promotes its music and also captures their audience.

With the Bombo Box project, Spotify integrated with Facebook as well. As a result of this integration, Spotify users can easily listen to Spotify songs while scrolling through the Facebook app. This is how Spotify facilitates its users. The new feature is available on both free and Premium Versions of Spotify. Streaming via Spotify on Facebook uses a mini-player. Eventually, Spotify plans to provide more interactive listening experiences.