How to Record Music from Spotify to MP3 for Free

The world’s best music streaming service is Spotify to enjoy listening to your favorite and other popular trending songs online. But when you have no proper internet connection then it is a headache and you will suffer besides enjoying your leisure time due to slow buffering.

To overcome this problem you need to subscribe for Spotify Premium and pay a monthly fee of $9.99 and this will allow you to save your playlists or music library for offline listening on three different devices.

Note: All your data will be erased if you forget to renew your subscription for a month. And with this feature you are also not able to download the songs as mp3 files for further use.


To record or download Spotify music offline or into MP3 or other formats i.e. WAV, W4A, W4B, FLAC, AAC and many more with high quality sound and without a premium plan in your Android, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Linux or Windows for free you need a Spotify recorder. And to avoid suspension of your Spotify account in this guide I will tell you different untapped methods to record Spotify to MP3 safely. You can also see that who has liked your Spotify playlist.

How to Record Spotify to MP3 using Audacity

Audacity is most popular open source cross platform music editing, processing and recording software and can be used in a PC, Laptop or desktop Computer in following operating systems i.e. Linux, Windows and Mac. 

Steps to Use Audacity to Record Songs in Linux, Mac and Windows

  • Download the Audacity installer for your desired operating system from its website download section and install it on your device.

  • Open Audacity, Go to View > Toolbar > and check on Device Toolbar to select your audio host in case of windows it will be Windows WASAP, for MAC select core audio and for Linux select ALSA. (If you want to record your own voice select windows direct option but it can only be done in Window OS).

  • Select your Microphone and playback device / Speakers in audacity. To check your speaker name click on the speaker icon on the taskbar or menu bar of your operating system.
select your speaker

  • Select 2 Stereo Recording channels from the next option because Stereo sounds wider, more detailed, and more realistic and it is best for average listener.

  • Play the song on spotify and click on the Start Recording icon. When the song is finished click on the Stop Recording icon.

  • Save your recording as MP3 or any supported format by audacity by going to File > Export Audio > Select your desired format > Select File Location and Name > Save.

Record Spotify to MP3 AAC or WMA Using Audials

  • Download Audials Music, install it on your device and open it.
  • Click on Spotify icon > Record while Playing.
  • Keep recording speed normal to avoid your account suspension.
  • It will record music from spotify after that save it in your required extension.

Record Spotify Music on Android

  • Download Music recording app from play store, open it and give storage permissions.
  • Play a song from Spotify in the background and open the recording app and start it by clicking on the recording icon.
  • After the end of the song, click on the Stop button which is on the right side and it will save the recorded music automatically in your storage device.

Record Music from Spotify on iPhone

  • Download the My Music Recorder App from the APP Store, open it and play songs from the Spotify app which you want  to record.
  • Start recording from the app and after finishing the song name the file and save it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to record music from Spotify?

When we record unencrypted data from Spotify this is legal. According to US law consumers won’t face legal action if they record.

How do I download and export songs from Spotify?

You can only download songs within the app if you have a premium subscription of Spotify. Go to playlist, Album or Song and tap the Download button to download a song.

Is Spotify Banning Users Who Use Audials To Download Songs?

Yes your Spotify account can be banned if you are not using protected and safe methods for recording songs. For Audials keep your recording speed normal because if you try to change the output while running Spotify it may result in account suspension.

Final Words

There are plenty of Spotify recorders available in the market but they also charge you a fee after trial or recording some songs. I have shared all free ways to record your desired song from Spotify in MP3 or any other audio format. So, follow this guide, Stay tuned and do not forget to share this valuable information with your friends and family. You may also like to download Spotify Plus IPA for iOS.

Good Luck!