Microsoft Collaborate With Spotify As a Part of Focus Session In Window’s 11

Spotify integration in Windows 11 as a part of the focus session will allow users to finish their work while listening to songs or their favorite music.  In this way, your work becomes easier. 

Microsoft’s new music service was launched in 2017, so it is the first time Spotify has integrated with it.  However, Previously Microsoft and Spotify also collaborated on Windows 10.  Now Microsoft plans to merge Onenote with this update, as it is a Microsoft application.  With this tweet, Penny explains the replacement features coming with Windows 11. 

Spotify and Microsoft

Microsoft is integrating Spotify with its focus session features in Windows 11.  In June, Windows 10 was released, and users have the option to try it by joining the Windows Insider program.  Windows 11 RTM will include the revamped start menu notification center wizards and other improvements.  The company plans to add more features in the future, such as support for android apps and improved snipping tool features.

According to Microsoft’s developer account back in July, Windows 11 will get an improved snipping tool this year.  Microsoft is also developing a feature called focus sessions along with the snipping tool.  During its inspiring 2021 conference, the company explained that Windows 11 was optimized for hybrid working and would ship with new features to optimize productivity. 

Its core feature is a timer that you can use to stay focused.  The focus session will default last 30 minutes and come with to-do and Spotify integration.

windows 11 focus session

The operating system clock app will include your favorite music from Spotify and a Microsoft to-do list. Working from the operating system clock apps, you can select a task from the Microsoft to-do list and listen to your favorite music from Spotify.

This will help you not feel overwhelmed by a task; instead, you can take a break and focus on the next task after the time is up. In this way, it is easier to focus on small tasks and to take a break when you are about to leave. Additionally, Microsoft is developing a dashboard that lets you see how your focus sessions are spent, review reports, and track your progress. 

According to Microsoft, focus sessions will be delivered to testers in the Insider program soon as part of the new Microsoft inbox app update. During the past two months, Microsoft has stored some Windows 7 features to help users with new inbox apps and features.

Spotify and Microsoft

New apps will be delivered to users via a Microsoft store in the coming weeks. In a discussion about windows 7 features, a Microsoft one windows developer account previously suggested on Twitter that there are many more to come, and a windows 7 free upgrade will be released in the fall. 

Although the company has not given too much information on the release date, we know it will be here soon. However, It seems that In future Spotify will lead the music industry. Now Spotify integrated with Microsoft after successful Spotify and TikTok Partnership.