Guide to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify Premium and Free Version

To turn off shuffle easily you need to subscribe for Spotify because there is no option to disable shuffle in Spotify free version. We have a method for free users as well but let’s first discuss how premium users can disable shuffle option on their mobile or desktop app.


How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify Android & iOS Mobile App

For disabling shuffle on android or iOS follow the following steps:

  • Open the full screen of of the song which is currently playing on Spotify mobile App.
  • Tap the shuffle button similar to intertwined arrows until color of the button changes and a dot under the button or arrow above the button stop appearing.
  • Now songs will play in an order.

Turning of Shuffle on Spotify Web Player

For turning off shuffle on Spotify web player first you need the subscription of Spotify premium after that play a song and click on the shuffle button present on the left corner of now playing bar until it change the color and a dot start appearing beneath it or if arrow above the button stop appearing.


How Spotify Shuffle Works

There are two types of shuffles that are available in Spotify premium.

  • One is simple shuffle to play songs randomly which will run by selecting different tracks or songs of different artists and playlists of same genre.
  • Second is smart shuffle which works according to your previous selections, your regular listening choice with the help of an algorithm which tracks your activity on Spotify to give you a better listening experience.

Turn-off Shuffle for Free Spotify Users

Shuffle option is not available for free users but you can shuffle songs with the help of modified APK of Spotify premium to use the feature without paying any fee or to get rid of Ads.

Final Words

Spotify is the world’s largest library of songs where every creator/artist can post their content like YouTube to get visibility across music lovers because Spotify has crossed around 500+ million users mark. Spotify shuffle is very important tool which will help to bring all voices in front of users but sometimes it can also blow mood of someone who doesn’t like a particular song or want to hear a playlist according to their arranges manner.

So, this will guide will help to turnoff shuffle and listen songs in an order because customer is first for Spotify. You can also pre-save your favorite music from Spotify by integrating it with some 3rd party apps.