Download Spotify++ iOS (No Jail Break) Unlocked & Working

In this article, you will find spotify++ for iOS or iPad, so if you’re a Spotify user, you’re in the right place. This article aims to briefly discuss the latest features of Spotify++ mod APK, the download process, and some other interesting facts related to Spotify. Once you have explored this article, you can use and easily download Spotify++ on your iPhone or iPad.

However, this article covers everything you need about Spotify++ mod APK. The Spotify premium APK was discussed in one of my earlier posts. I recommend you read my previous article if you are a music lover. Previously, I explained how to use Spotify premium APK without a subscription. Take a look at that article which you may find interesting.

What Is Spotify++ Mod APK (Download Spotify++)

In terms of music streaming services, Spotify is my go-to recommendation because it offers the largest selection of music. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps with an extensive user base. The number of Spotify users is continually growing; according to the latest statistics, there are more than 60 million users. The Spotify plus Mod APK app is a modified version of the official Spotify app. Spotify is packed with features such as good music recommendations, albums, countless songs, podcasts, etc. Other than these, there are so many hidden features that many users are not aware of. I have listed a few of them below.

This Modified Version Contains the Following: 

  • Free access to all premium content
  • Enjoy your favorite songs and music 
  • Take advantage of free playlists 
  • Create your playlist or share it with friends or family 
  • Play music or songs based on your mood

 Spotify mod APK allows you to listen to music, podcasts, and different playlists you love. You can access your favorite artists from anywhere in the world using this app.

Why Spotify Premium APK? 

Why do you need to download Spotify++ mod APK when many other music streaming apps have large users and premium features? The most frequently asked question by users is this one. Let me give you a brief explanation. With Spotify, you can not only listen to any song or podcast, but you can also enjoy these features for free. 

  • Discover new and upcoming music, favorite songs, music, and podcast
  • Depending on your nature, it will suggest new songs to you 
  • Easy-to-use interference 
  • It is not necessary to root your device
  • You won’t be interrupted by any display advertisement while listening to your favorite songs. 
  • Useful and safe 
  • A wide range of options 

With Spotify lite mod APK, you can access all its premium features without paying for them. In this Spotify lite mod APK, you will be able to skip any song and listen to the music of your choice.

spotify premium

Tips, Tricks, & Features of Spotify++ Mod APK 

The Spotify platform is available in two versions. The free version of Spotify and the premium version. There are many hidden features in Spotify that you can utilize even without a paid subscription. In this article, I will cover a few of them, so be sure to read to the end. 

Unlimited Shuffles or Everything

unlimited spotify++

Spotify users know that the free version allows us to skip only six songs per hour, which is very unappealing. Therefore, this problem has been resolved. Qualified developers enable all its features, and you can freely shuffle and skip with no additional charges.

Download Anything Offline (Music, Songs) 

Free downloads spotify premium apk

There is no offline mode in Spotify, which is its only drawback. Spotify can only be used when you have an active internet connection. However, the Spotify team is currently working on it, and soon you’ll be able to play music, songs, or podcasts offline. But for now just download Spotify++ and start using its premium features free.

No Any Advertisement 

No advertisment

In addition to being a modded version, it is free and unlocked. Plus, this version doesn’t have any ads. Neither a display ad nor a video ad appears on the site. All visual or audio ads were removed from the latest Spotify application. In summary, there are no advertisements while you listen to music.

Choose Any Song 

unlimited songs in spotify++

Using this app, you can listen to or skip any song. Whether you’re listening to a podcast or anything else, there are no restrictions. So download this free premium app today and listen to your favorite songs.

Private Session 

download spotify++ private session

Keeping your listening private is possible with a private session. That’s amazing. You can do this by clicking the gear icon and going to the settings. After that, click on social and toggle private sessions on.

Some other Features

  • There are no vulnerabilities in this modified app 
  • Several search options are available 
  • No limitations on downloads 
  • Operate effectively on any operating system  
  • There is no jailbreak involved 
  • High-quality sound 
  • An FWD seek button has been added

Share Podcast From TimeStamp

Timestamp sharing

You may have heard something interesting while listening to a podcast on Spotify that you’d like to share with someone else. The Spotify Timestamp Sharing can be helpful. The feature is only available in iOS and Android mobile apps. During the podcast, pause it at the point you want to share and click the share icon. Toggle the switch on where it says share from. Choose one of the sharing options below to send the link when it’s turned on. 

Dubdas Spotify Connect 

Dubdas connects spotify

Personally, I find this feature to be the most useful. Playing music and controlling it from any device is made possible with Dubdas Spotify Connect. The mobile device can be used as a remote while listening to music on a laptop or speaker. But the mobile device can be used as a remote. There is no need to enable any settings for it. The feature is available by default.

High Sound Quality (320kbps) 

High quality sound spotify mod apk

Throughout this app, you can listen to a variety of different soundtracks. Each track has three options depending on the sound level: Low, Medium, and High. 320kbps quality makes your music experience more delicious and enjoyable. 

Access (Play) and Soundtrack 

access any soundtrack

There are no restrictions on this version since it has been modded. Streaming soundtracks are free and do not require a subscription. Additionally, you have complete access to your player and music. You can start listening to your lovely music as soon as you find it.

Table of Spotify Premium and Spotify Free Version 

Spotify Premium
  • A wide range of listening options
  • Web interface
  • Now playing queue 
  • A summary of your statistics
  • Support
Spotify Free
  • Advertisements everywhere
  • Tracks with low quality (128kbps)
  • Skips are not allowed  
  • Listening schedule is limited
  • Limited number of countries supported

How To Download Spotify++ (iOS/iPad) 

When it comes to downloading Spotify++ Mod APK, most users have a difficult time. Here is the easiest way to download Spotify++ in a few minutes. Feel free to ask your question in the comments below if you’re having trouble or encountering an error. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you. 

Here are Some Tips Before You Start Downloading: 

  • It is recommended to download the updated version. 
  • It is important to make sure that the app is safe and virus-free. 
  • Check that the app has been verified by the owner or another professional before downloading.

So Let’s Begin: 

Step 1: Open this page in your preferred browser, such as Safari, Chrome, etc. Once you have opened this page, click the download button below to begin downloading. There will be a message displayed when the configuration file is downloaded. Click on a message and close the window.

Step 2: Go to your mobile settings to find the profile downloaded option after completing the first step. Click the install button after opening this option. Enter your mobile password if it asks for one, and then click on Install. 

Step 3: Let’s move on to the most important step. Once the download process has been completed, click return to your homepage and type app valley into the search bar. You will need to open the app Velly, search for Spotify++, and then click on the get button after you find it. Now you’ll see the option to install. Click on it, and you’re done. 

Step 4: If you follow the first three steps, you have completed the downloading and installation process. Congratulations. Now go to your device settings→ General→ Profile, and trust the profile of Spotify++ APK. Next, close all the windows and start listening to Spotify for free.

Final Verdict 

I have listed all the important information about download Spotify++ in this article, which also contains the updated version of Spotify. From my experience, this article covers all the details about Spotify features, downloading process, etc., but if you still have any questions, feel free to comment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spotify Premium 

No, this app is secure, and even no malware is connected to it. Moreover, our highly qualified developers test it, and after testing, we update the download link.

If you want to install Spotify premium, click on the download link in the article. Our developers unlocked all its premium features for you without any subscription. 

No, Spotify++ mod APK is legal and secure. 

These are the popular alternatives: 

  • YouTube Music 
  • Apple Music 
  • SoundCloud 
  • Yandex

If you want to log in with your Spotify account, then follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: Logout from your Facebook account or disable the Facebook app 

Step 2: Login using your Facebook account 

Step 3: Your account is ready and logged in; after this, log in to your Facebook account and start using both apps.

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